the Trails in Hike Fest 2022

These are the trails that you can select from during Hike Fest 2022.
  1. Soldiers Beach Trail (Twice) – 3 miles
  2. Maryetta Trail (Twice) – 3 miles
  3. Red Loop, Fairfield Glade  – 3 miles
  4. Yellow Loop, Fairfield Glade – 3 miles
  5. Blue Loop, Fairfield Glade – 6 miles

1. Soldier’s Beach Trail, Meadow Park

It is recommended that you follow the signs and hike this trail in a counter-clockwise direction. You need to hike this trail twice to achieve the three-mile distance. It is a very pretty trail with not many uphill sections to be negotiated and many views across the lake. The trail does pass close to the lakeshore so children do need to be supervised.

Note: This is called Soldier’s Beach Trail because, during World War 2, German Prisoners of War from a camp in Crossville were used to build a recreational facility here for US Soldier’s families. 

Driving Directions
To get to Meadow Park take Lantana Road, Highway 101, south out of Crossville. After about 3.5 miles, go straight through the lights where Highway 282 turns off for Lake Tansi. The road narrows from four lanes down to two lanes. After another mile turn right on to City Lake Road. There is a large Meadow Park sign on the corner. The trail-head parking is about half a mile on the left but you might want to follow City Lake Road to where it dead-ends at the park marina and office. Enjoy the views across the lake, and maybe use the restrooms at the campsite. Feel free to stop in the office and say “Hi” to Marlene Potter the park manager, then drive back up the entrance road 0.6 miles to the trail-head parking lot which will now be on the right hand side of the road

2. Maryetta Trail

This trail is a “lollipop” trail in the woods pretty close to downtown Crossville. You need to hike this trail twice to achieve the three-mile distance.

It is a quiet and peaceful apart from the drone of traffic near the start. One leg of the loop is along the Obed River. The return is higher up the hillside. The trail has suffered from numerous downed trees in high winds.

Driving Directions

Take Sparta Highway from West Avenue at Krogers. After half a mile turn right onto the driveway of the Crossville Wastewater Treatment Facility. Before reaching the gates, turn left on the gravel track down to the trail-head parking area.

3. Fairfield Glade Red Loop

This is the trailhead for both the Hemlock Trail and the Rotherham Trail. We strongly recommend that you hike this loop in the counter-clockwise direction as marked on this map as this avoids climbing up the very steep Rotherham Trail. Follow the red hike markers.

Proceed along the end of the lake to the trailhead sign for the Hemlock Trail. Follow the trail, past the majestic Hemlock tree for which the trail was named, and after half a mile it crosses Rotherham Drive. After another third of a mile it comes to Catoosa Boulevard and parallels the road for a quarter of a mile before turning back into the woods where it goes behind Bluff View Terrace and climbs upwards for nearly half a mile to the Good Samaritan Trail. Turn left and follow the trail behind the Good Samaritan assisted living facility for a half a mile until you reach the intersection with the Rotherham Trail.

Turn left onto the Rotherham Trail and follow the trail as it descends steeply into the valley. After half a mile the trail turns left along the creek and levels out for an easy walk for the last half-mile to the Rotherham Drive parking lot where the hike started.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive, take Peavine Road
east for half a mile and turn left on to Catoosa Boulevard. After about 1.2 miles turn left on to Rotherham Drive. Drive down the steep hill and after 0.6 miles you will come to the parking lot on the left at the end of Lake Dartmoor.

Note: There is alternative parking available on Catoosa Boulevard at the junction with Kingsbridge Lane (Blue Hike Parking) and also at the water tower near the Good Samaritan facility. (Yellow Hike Parking).

4. Fairfield Glade Yellow Loop

This hike takes you through the Fairfield Glade canyon. The trail has been extensively rerouted in the last year due to the construction of new homes in the area. The new route is much more hiker-friendly than the old route and we are sure you will enjoy it.

Driving Directions
From the junction of Peavine Road and Stonehenge Drive, take Peavine Road east for half a mile and turn left on to Catoosa Boulevard. After 2.25 miles turn left and then bear right on gravel road. Park at the end of the road.

5. Fairfield Glade Blue Loop

The trail-head is the Catoosa/Kingsbridge Parking lot on Catoosa Boulevard.

At 6.1 miles the Blue Loop is the longest hike in Fairfield Glade. It is comprised of four interconnected trails: the Hemlock Trail, the  Rotherham Trail, the Canyon Trail and the McGinnis Trail, along with a short segment of the Good Samaritan Trail.

This is a strenuous hike due to it length and due to the significant elevation changes along the way.The lowest point is at the end of Lake Dartmoor on Rotherham Drive. The highest point is at the top of the Rotherham Trail near the water tower. In addition there are two significant climbs on the McGinnis Trail.

Driving Directions

Take Peavine Road east and then turn north on to Catoosa Boulevard. After 1.0 mile turn left into the Catoosa/Kingsbridge parking lot marked with Nature Trail sign.