Register for Hike Fest 2023

We are excited about offering a second annual hiking event. You are invited to hike a series of trails during the the week from Saturday April 15th to Saturday April 22nd ending with an Earth Day event at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

 Use the red button to register for this event.  One registration can include up to four family members using the same email address. After submitting your registration you will be asked to make a payment of $5 for each person over 17 years of age. After making your payment there will be a delay (a few minutes or a few hours) while we confirm your payment but once confirmed your name will be published in the alphabetical list of Hike Fest registrations. ( The green button above.) 

Registration for this event is a little more complicated than usual because there is a registration fee and because we are hoping to allow people to record their hikes on line.

Note your Bib number after you have registered.