About FOTT

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Trails is to construct, maintain and promote the use of walking and hiking trails in Cumberland County. We recruit and organize volunteers to build hiking trails as community projects. Our volunteers also construct bridges, signs, benches and other amenities along the trails using materials we provide. We bring in a professional trail builder with an excavator to do the heavy work of digging out the trail, Once trails are constructed our volunteers help with much of their maintenance. 

In addition to trail construction we  also organize events to promote the community’s use of the trials. This helps to maintain the trails in good condition and results in a healthier community. We are located in Cumberland County, Tennessee, and operate primarily within the county but may expand into the surrounding areas as opportunities arise.

FOTT Board of Directors

The Board Members are elected for a staggered term of three years. (Term ends)

  1. Beth Davis (Dec 2025)
  2. Heather Mullinix (Dec 2027)
  3. Ethan Medley (Dec 2024)
  4. Levonn Hubbard (Dec 2025)
  5. Valerie Hale (Dec 2024) – Treasurer
  6. Mary deWolf (Dec 2025)- Secretary
  7. Ethan Hadley( Dec 2027) – Vice-president
  8. John Conrad (Dec 2024) – President

Hiking Marathon

We have been holding an annual hiking marathon for quite a few years now and it continues to grow in popularity. It is a an event with a great many benfits. It gives the hikers a taste of all the trails in the area. It is healthy exercise and it gives families an opportunity to spend time together outside.

Our Partnerships

Fullfilling our mission takes a great deal of work by many different organizations that need to coordinate their efforts.  

In Fairfield Glade we work with the developer Fairfield Glade Homes and the Community Club through the Trails Committee.

Around the City of Crossville we work with the City Council and employees along with the various property owners who host trails. 

Contact FOTT

If you have any questions or comments about trails or hiking in Cumberland County then just send an email to crossvilletrails@gmail.com